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Anonymous on Dec 06, 2021: I’m opening a bar called covid19 cocktails in Barcelona soon. MANUEL on Dec 24, 2019: For everyone asking, if you make above 2k a month net in BCN and you’re single, you can live great; 1500 is sketchy but doable. Sep 24, 2019: Having lived in Barcelona for the last 2 years and in Northern Europe for 11 years prior, a few considerations. In those 3 years I lived in few and visited plenty. So although you can work, have your place, your vehicle, your public “free” healthcare, proximity to plenty of awesome natural spaces of all sorts, generally good food and ease of transportation etc etc, you can’t expect to come here to an utopia. Barcelona at night. Here is the local guide for those travelers on a budget and NetFlix lovers that prefer to discover the real Barcelona when the sun goes down. Sitges Beach is situated just outside of Barcelona. Due to its close proximity to the Port Olympic, it is surrounded by a number of restaurants and bars and sports facilities such as beach volleyball. Not even close you’d need atleast 7,000 euro monthly but that’s just the basics. Anonymous on Feb 10, 2022: 10,000 euro per person per month isn’t outlandish at all just the basics medium comfortable.

Anonymous on Feb 20, 2022: is 1000 euro per month enough to live there or just nope ? Is it enough for living in Barcelona for a single man? I’m living as foreigner since 2016 and to be honest with the last two comments, guys if you are thinking to come to live in Barcelona city center alone and do you want a flat by yourself I think with a incoming of 3400€-3800€ it will be fine, in the begining on this Month the prices has been increased. I telling myself I’m in that great situation that I can afford living here, but oh boy it’s not easy. In this case Bcn is a great option. Since I moved here, I have enjoyed every ray of sunshine, however I’ve never felt so unstable in my life as here: in Northern Europe the weather is crap and people may be more closed off, alquiler sonido barcelona however you never feel like your career/financial situation is too much at risk. I felt always on my guard, even when I lived in the suburbs.

Even though he belonged to one of the best offensive trios in history alongside Messi and Luis Suárez – the famous MSN – the Brazilian star apparently wanted to chase a new challenge where he would be the No. 1, unlike at Barca where Messi was the biggest star. In the second half, Rodrigo put Valencia in the lead, but Jordi Alba scored through a Messi assist in the dying minutes. Piqué scored the only goal in the game. Anonymous on Jan 31, 2022: 4,000 euro enough for a comfortable life 4 people in Barcelona? So, before saying those things, explain that you say that because you drink, smoke, go to parties, maybe have a car or a moto, go out for dinner a lot, etc. Obviously, it will always depend on the kind of life you have. And I’m not saying the city can’t be improved. If you feel the city is too expensive, the rent is too high, the salaries too low, people aren’t friendly enough or you don’t feel safe – I respect that. In Barcelona, you do not have to tip and locals usually don’t tip or just round up the bill.

I have 2 years of experience in Digital Marketing. If you rely on doing this with a Spanish contract, either you don’t move here at all or you move for a couple of years (as @RealTalk suggests) and keep in mind you’ll need to leave. Here you can listen to their music and watch their on line videos. This, along with the lack of receipts, meant that the insurance company would not pay out – it’s not just Barcelona where you can be scammed! And I think there are many out there who actually would see it as the dream they imagined. At the hand of the day I’m glad I came here to see that, as much as the weather makes it a lovely place, other downsides counterbalance it and that it’s not the paradise on earth people expect it to be. See our page on the Barcelona airport tourist information office. To help you find the right hotel, we have pre-selected BEST, DESIGN, BEACH, YOUTH HOSTELS, AIRPORT HOTELS according to the tourist places of the city like the Ramblas or by the sea.